Thursday, October 15, 2015

Last night I decided to put my latest discovery of shooting the Leica M 240 as a 42MP camera. I took the mid-town ferry down the East River to Dumbo in Brooklyn to capture a full sweep panorama of lower Manhattan and both the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges after sunset. I used my 21mm Leica Elmarit-M f/2.8 lens and ended up with three horizontal shots to stitch together. I usually prefer to use a longer focal length to avoid distortion, but the wide 21mm allowed me to extend the photos into the sky and water in a panorama that was getting a bit too narrow otherwise.

These panoramic images don't display very well in my blog format so I've included a higher res version to download by clicking here. The download version is about half the original size, which is 48" wide. 

This technique seems to be working quite well. Not sure I really need the A7RII after all. 

Yesterday, Sony announced its new RX1R II and it comes with a variable  optical low-pass filter system that can adjust voltage on a liquid crystal layer. This allow adjustment of the light-splitting properties of the array so the user can adjust the filter more for detail or more for elimination of moire. Sounds like this filter would be a perfect solution to the problem of using third-party lenses on the A7RII. Why they put it in the RX1R II instead is a mystery to me.  

One of the side benefits of riding the ferry down the East River to my destination was picking up a few unexpected shots along the way. I captured this rather misty view of the Brooklyn Bridge through the Manhattan Bridge by shooting through the scratched and dirty plexi window on the ferry with my 50mm Summilux lens. 

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