Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Catching the light -- things I like about the Fuji X100T, part III

Photography is really an abstract creative process of capturing light. Often times that light is fleeting, as it was this morning at sunrise when the warm rays entered our apartment window and played upon the petals of a bowl of sunflowers. It wasn't going to last long, and I wanted to capture the light effect if I could. This is where my Fuji X100T comes in handy.

The X100T is a small, light-weight camera with only one lens -- nothing complicated, just a basic photographic instrument. But the image quality is excellent and the more I use the camera, the more I realize its potentials. It is also capable of getting in very tight on a subject, which, when coupled with a wide open aperture, produces a mellow look that is unique. Plus, it has the added of always being ready to be put to work. No lens to change, not much to do but pick it up and shoot.

It is no wonder this camera has such a devoted following.

Sometimes I think it would be a good exercise for teaching someone photography. Its one lens imposes restrictions that force us to think more creatively about adapting what we have to our subject without being overwhelmed by choices in equipment.  As Thoreau said, "Our life is frittered away by detail ... simplify, simplify".  


  1. I have been loving mine as well. I do wish it was a touch sharper sometimes, but all in all it is one of my go to cameras. I am getting the TCL on Friday. I am hoping it will help me use it more for portraits as I have found the camera as is will give me some distortion at a certain distance.

    1. I'm a fan of the TCL. As far as I can tell there's no loss in image quality, although the autofocus doesn't lock quite as frequently. Highly recommended.

    2. I just used it in a shoot on Monday, and I absolutely love the results. A perfect compliment to do portrait work.