Wednesday, June 3, 2015

... and the rain continues for another day

The rain continued for another day so we postponed a lifestyle shoot we had planned for the park. Tomorrow may be the only good day for the whole week. We also had to cancel some helicopter aerials we had planned for later in the week. With all this rain the colors in the park should be quite lush for my shoot.  I will also be finishing up my tests of the Fuji 56mm f/2 APD lens for my review of it later this week.

On my way to the photo lab to approve another print I am having enlarged I picked up a couple of abstract photos of rain falling in a street puddle and overflowing the sidewalk. I used my new Fuji X100T, which is small enough to tuck in a jacket pocket to protect it from the rain.

I have several custom settings for my Fuji X cameras so I can quickly set them for whatever the scene requires. For this series I wanted contrast in the black and white so my settings boosted the high and low tones by 1, and increased the sharpness by 1 also. I also add 1 to the noise level when I want more of a film quality to the images.

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