Saturday, May 2, 2015

Return of the errant Sony A7II

A replacement for the trial Sony A7II I had last week and developed an error message that rendered it more of a doorstop than a camera has arrived so my testing can resume. Along with the camera I am using a Voigtlander VM-E Close Focus Leica M lens Adapter to Sony mount adapter that has a built-in extension ring allowing the Leica lenses to focus closer than their normal near focus distance.

The whole point of these tests is to find out how well a Sony A7 camera would work as a second body for a Leica M system.  Ultimately, I would prefer to use an A7r with its 36mp sensor, but for now I am performing my tests on an A7II because it has the new Sony in-camera vibration reduction system and I want to see how well it works with the Leica lenses. I expect Sony to add this feature to a future version of the A7r, and, if my tests pan out well, I would probably add it as a second body for my Leica system.

A Sony A7II kit with an assortmant of Leica M lenses fits comfortably in a small camera bag like this Tenba DNA 8 Graphite Messenger Bag for only $79.95. 

Leica lenses look really good on the Sony A7II, In fact they are a much better balance, size-wise, than the current crop of lenses actually made for the camera.  The extra lens extension offered by the Voigtlander VM-E Close Focus Adapter is an added bonus I have already found quite handy.

Springtime in New York is offering plenty of opportunities to try out the close focus Voigtlander adapter on shots like this taken with the Leica 135mm APO telyt used in close and wide open at f/3.4.

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