Tuesday, May 19, 2015

High speed sync flash fill with direct sun and the Nikon flash

The sun was very bright and the sky clear when we did this outdoor photo of our model jumping on a trampoline. I wanted to fill the shadows without losing the actual effect of sunlight, and, of course, I needed a very high shutter speed to stop the action. I placed two Nikon SB-910 flash units in front and to the left and right of the model. The unit to the camera right had the most work to do by filling the hard shadows on our right so I gave it twice as much power as the unit on camera left.

With the Nikon D750 set to high speed sync, the built-in flash in commander mode, and the exposure at 1/2500 second and f/5.6, the action was completely frozen.

Now that the good weather is here, I expect be doing more of this type shooting on the roof of our studio building.

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