Friday, April 17, 2015

Preparing for the week ahead testing the Sony A7II

Over the next week I will be running some tests on the Sony A7II with Leica lenses. I want to determine if a Sony A7II or A7R would make sense as a second body for a Leica system. Aside from the tremendous cost difference between the camera bodies, the A7II has image stabilization built into its body. This could be a major benefit when working with Leica M lenses, which have none.

The idea of using an A7r body with its 36mp sensor is also intriguing. Combined with the superiority of Leica optics, it may make one of the best full-frame combos out there in terms of QC. The A7r doesn't have the built-in image stabilization, but the next iteration, an A7rII, probably will and it is expected in the not too distant future. One rumor out there even suspects it will be come with a 50mp sensor. Think about that with Leica optics.

I started laying out the set up of seven lenses: 135mm APO teleyt, 90mm Elmarit, 50mm Summilux, 35mm Summilux, 28mm Summicron, 21mm Elmarit ASPH, and my new 15mm Voigtlander III. All will be attached to the Sony via a Voigtlander Leica-M to Sony-E mount adapter. Nice thing about this adapter is that it has a built-in extension feature that increases the near focus ability of attached Lieca lenses. 
The Sony body just arrived this afternoon, and I couldn't resist taking it out for a little walk to get a feel for the kit I put together. Tomorrow the real testing begins. One thing I'm going to have to become used to is the lack of full dial controls, like on my Fuji X-T1. The Sony is more of a menu-driven machine.

This is one of my favorite framed views of the Empire State Building, a perfect subject for the Voigtlander 15mm..

Another 15mm Voigtlander photo of the city at dusk. 


  1. I am curious to read your opinion about A7-2. I tried one out but found the need to always open the aperture to focus and then stop down for shooting to be a real drawback. I could not get use to the added-onto looks of the thing. Back it went

  2. Yes, Ron, I've already discovered this to be a potential problem. We'll see. - t

  3. Yes, Ron, I've already discovered this to be a potential problem. We'll see. - t

  4. another problem, it's such a bulky and heavy camera for being mirror-less. It only weights, what ,5 ounces less than the d750 and once you add the needed 2-3 extra batteries to equal one nikon battery (to equal the same number of shots, you're pretty much at the same weight. The Sony native lenses are also pretty much as large and heavy as Nikon lenses, i.e.: 70-200 f4 is the same size and weight as the Nikon yet cost more.

  5. Tom... I LOVE the photo of the Empire State Building framed. Would you mind sharing the street location of that subway entrance? I'm going to be in NYC in a few weeks and I'd love to tinker around with that location.


  6. It's the subway station at 33rd Street and Park Avenue. You'll be able to get it in a couple of weeks, but later in the year the view will be gone. They are building a high rise at the end of the block and it will probably cut off the view most of the view. - t

  7. Hey I will be there in 6 weeks and would love a shot like this. Hope it still works that :) thanks for sharing the location.
    I look forward to hearing and seeing more of your experience with the Sony.

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