Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Powder explosion photography in the studio

We had a dancer, Carolina Santos Read, in the studio yesterday for a lifestyle shoot and decided to do another powder explosion photo. Two studio strobes were pointed into large 4x8' doubled flats taped along one end to form a "V" on both sides of the model. Another, overhead light with a grid on it was positioned above and to the rear to shine through the powder. Carolina held two handfuls of the powder and released them when she jumped. At the same time two assistants threw in more handfuls of powder into her back from behind.

My only regret is that I used the studio strobes instead of my Nikon flash units. The Nikon  units have a much shorter duration of flash and would have frozen the action better than the studio strobes. The camera was Nikon D750 with Nikon 24-120mm f/4 lens set to f/8.

When I saw that the results mimicked the shape of a cloud, it gave me the idea to also combine the shot with a sky photo I had on file.  

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