Sunday, January 11, 2015

After the snow came the sun

After the snowy sunrise of my last blog post, I was treated to a crisp, sunny day with the kind of clarity and sharp contrast so typical of winter with the sun  low in the sky. I almost always have my X-T1 equipped with the 18-135mm zoom whenever I am walking around the city on errands. With that combo I am pretty much prepared for any photo opportunity that presents itself.

In the later part of the afternoon with the sun very low on the horizon the shadows were deep and the lit areas extremely bright. I kept looking for juxtapositions of light and shadow that would create interesting compositions in stark contrasting tones. Below are a couple of shots I picked up.

The Chrysler Building in the background is juxtaposed with the foreground details of an old office building and both are set off by the deep shadows that formed geometric patterns against the lit areas. 

The steeple of Marble Collegiate Church on Fifth Avenue was in deep shadow, its shape contrasting with the brightly lit facade of the Empire State Building behind it. 

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