Friday, July 18, 2014

Nikon D810 and new Adobe Camera RAW update

My new Nikon D810 arrived yesterday right on schedule and just in time to press into service for some sunset aerials we are planning of New York City. The faster frame rate of 5fps vs 4fps will come in handy, as will the improved low light capabilities of the new model.

This morning Adobe released its latest version of Camera Raw 8.6 BC as a Beta for Photoshop. For once all the stars are aligned. Usually we have to wait impatiently for the Adobe Raw release to catch up to the new camera release.

I will be doing a blog post hands-on review of the D810 shortly. Stay tuned.

You can download the Adobe Raw 8.6 here.

...and if you are thinking about ordering a new Nikon D810, you can do so here from B&H or here from Amazon.

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  1. Can't wait for the review. If possible can you discuss the D810 in comparison to the D800 in terms of image quality differences. I deiced to go with a DF and to keep my D800. I know a lot of folks hate the DF but I like the quality of the files it produces and there size. Then again I don't shoot sports or wildlife, I'm interested in the image quality mostly. Thanks Tom!