Monday, July 21, 2014

First trip out with the Nikon D810

These are usually the kind of photos I take with a Fuji X-camera, but my new Nikon D810 just arrived and I wanted to begin getting a feel for it over the weekend. The images reflect the type of compositional symmetry I have been using in my platinum series of photographs.

Although the D810 does not have a specific square crop format and cannot be set to shoot black and white, like the Fuji, the grid outline in the D810 viewfinder does have lines to delineate a square crop and these make it a bit easier to compose the shot.

These photos were done from within the 911 Memorial Park. There is a very calm, meditative feeling in the site, which is enhanced by the symmetry of the park design. I tried to echo that quiet symmetry in my photos.

The recently completed new World Trade Center is just peeking above a mid-ground building with a newly planted tree adding the concept of new growth from the park below

A symmetrical treatment of the waterfall in the memorial.

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