Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Leica M 240 strap lug recall

I received an email recall notice today for my Leica M 240.  Apparently, some of the earlier models -- those sold before April 2013 -- may have a problem with the strap lugs loosening up. The cameras will have to be shipped back to Solms, Germany for the repair. I spoke with Leica about the repair and was told it should only take 10 days, which is fast in Leica time.  They sent me an email with prepaid postage to ship the camera back to them.  Mine goes to the New Jersey repair facility for forwarding on to Germany.

A Leica repair person explained that the lugs are screwed in from the inside and that there is a glue used to tighten the screw joint. In some cases, this glue can loose its grip causing the lug screw joint to weaken. The lugs need to be reattached and have a new cement to secure them in place.

If you have a Leica M 240 acquired prior to April, you should register on the Leica website.  Once you register the serial number it will be checked against a database, and an email notification will alert you to the problem.

Guess this is what happens to me for being the first kid on my block to have an M 240.

(Sure wish I hadn't already sold my M9.  I could be using it now while my M is in the recall shop.)

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