Saturday, May 4, 2013

Empire State Building - a continuing series

I went back to the Brooklyn Bridge last night to pick up some more shots of the Empire State Building framed by the Manhattan Bridge. This is for an on-going series I am working on to capture the scene in different colors.

It takes a 400mm lens to capture this image on a Nikon D800. The biggest problem is having to overcome the constant vibration caused by traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge where I am set up with my tripod.  Whenever the bridge quiets down I take a burst of exposures hoping that one of them will be stable enough to gain a sharp image. The whole process is a balance of ISO, shutter speed, and timing.  This photo was taken at ISO 800, wide open at f/5.6, and 1/13 second.

So far the series is shaping up like this. I am envisioning a group of photos displayed either in a row or in a grid format like the one above.

For this variation I first brought the image into Photoshop in full color. Next I over laid another layer of the same image in black and white. Finally, I painted out the area of the building where it was red.
While I am there I always move off to one side or the other to gain another composition of the scene.

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