Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One of my favorite stylistic devices is shooting directly into the sun to enhance a scene by providing a specific point of focus.  These two scenes were a bit too flat and uninteresting in themselves so adding the sun perked them up.  This technique also allows the images to be used by designers more as backgrounds in a design project -- something I always consider when shooting commercial stock.

This was early autumn and the all the leaves had not yet turned color.  I felt the scenes needed a bit more punch.  In post-processing I enhanced the colors and gave them more of an overall monochromatic tint.

Here I allowed the sun to completely flare the scene.  This also reduced detail considerably.  As a result, the image was blurred, especially on the left.  The blur area is a good place for an art director to lay some copy later on -- an important consideration when shooting for commercial stock photography.

In this situation I placed the sun so it was just peeking out a little bit from behind the two branches of a tree.  This muted the flaring effect of the light and added a star shape to the sun.

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