Sunday, October 21, 2012

A fog was lifting early this morning in lower Manhattan.  The clouds swirled around the new World Trade Center as they were lit by the rising sun.  I was riding my bicycle in the area and picked up several variations of the scene with the Sony RX100 camera.  To increase the resolution detail of the smaller sensor in this camera I captured some of the scenes with several panned images and combined them in post-processing as one larger composite.

This panorama is made up of two horizontal photos combined later in Photoshop.  This technique resulted in a final image that was approximately 100MB in size.  When this larger image is down-sized to a 50MB file for stock photography the overall resolution has a much greater sharpness than if I had taken one photo and cropped it to this format.

This photo of the Winter Garden Atrium and new World Trade Center rising from the fog behind it shows the extent of dynamic range with the Sony RX100 by capturing full detail in the dark area of the foreground building to the bright highlights in the morning fog with sun light streaming through it.

This vertical image is made up of a composite of four horizontal photos combined in Photoshop. The resulting resolution is much higher than a single image of the scene.

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