Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I happened upon this scene with the descriptive "Crime Scene" tape while riding my bike.  I had the Nikon D600 and 24-120mm zoom with me.  Here are a few interpretations I did of the scene.

This is a standard perspective taken with a 50mm focal length and the lens aperture wide open at f/4. The sun just peaking out from behind the sign to adds some drama to the scene and further punches the crime scene tape by back-lighting it.
Here I went more for the immediacy of a happened-upon Instagram look.  I closed in with a longer focal length, allowed the sun to flare out, and later added the light-leak streaks to the right side.

To give the scene a more ominous look I kept the background dark and out of focus.  The 24-120mm lens had a maximum aperture of f/4 which is a bit too much to make the background completely soft.  To get around this limitation I moved in very close and off to the side of the sign.  This put me at the minimum focus distance of this lens so I would achieve the least depth of field with only the word, "Crime", in focus.

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