Tips & Lessons


Adding color light bursts to an image using Photoshop

Shooting for the weather in travel photography

Tilt-shift adapter on the Fuji X-E2, X-Pro1, and X-T1 cameras

Photographic composition, part I - Working with a grid

Using Helicon Focus and focus stacking for the greatest depth of field

Tips for hand holding a camera with a lens like the Fuji 18-135mm and its 5-stop Vibration Reduction

Alternative close-up photography with the Fuji X-cameras

The importance of good dynamic range 

Giving your photos an Instagram look using Photoshop

Filters:  Using a polarizer

Lighting: Using a Pop-up flash 

Achieving a sunset look when photographing at mid-day

Lenses: Introduction to Focal Lengths  

How to photograph a splash 

How to photograph a city at night 

How to Photograph Manhattanhenge

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