Friday, July 7, 2017

Working out a new style

Since moving to Florida, I continually find myself searching for new ways to interpret the landscape. The dramatic tropical plant life entices me to create strong, graphic interpretations of the tropics. This time around I explored a variety of techniques in Photoshop to achieve my results.

All the photos were taken with a Fuji Pro2 with the original Fuji 18-55mm zoom. I often use this compact and lightweight outfit when I want to have a camera with me, but don't have any specific plan to use it.  For these photos I was visiting a friend and found the tropical plants near their home. All were taken around sunset. For these images the Fuji film modes didn't come into play, as I did all of the variations of color work in Photoshop, mostly using gradient adjustment layers.


  1. Nice work coming out of your first sessions shooting Florida. I think many of who read your blog knew how much you liked NYC. Why did you move?

  2. I loved photographing in NYC, but I found myself getting somewhat burned out. I wanted to go somewhere where I could shoot with a new terrain and good weather in the winter time. The Florida landscape had been a bit foreign to me. I'd photographed many places in the U.S. but never much here. I'm finding the challenge of facing a completely new landscape to be invigorating. Hopefully, the feeling will last.