Friday, July 1, 2016

Vertical panorama with the Fuji X-Pro2, 100-400mm lens, and 2x teleconverter

A couple of weeks ago I was playing around with the new Fuji XF2x teleconverter on the 100-400mm zoom when I had the opportunity to take this shot of the World Trade Center at sunset. This view is facing south so the sun was to the right and had just passed below the horizon and gave a soft pastel glow reflecting off of the clouds and building.

I took this photo from the top of a 50 story building in mid-town Manhattan. We often don't realize how much buildings that tall actually vibrate, especially on a windy day. This makes it very difficult to shoot a steady shot at a low shutter speed of 1/2 second with such a long telephoto lens.
That combined with the atmospheric haze introduced by the 3-mile distance I was from the building made if difficult to obtain a steady shot.

The final image is a vertical panorama combining five photos. For each shot I panned the camera a bit and twisted it off axis to obtain the zigzag effect along the sides. No extra coloring was done to this photo. It is pretty much right out of the camera and converted to Fuji Provia film mode in PS.

This image taken of the same scene with the Fuji 16-55mm zoom set to 55mm gives some indication of the distance and cloud cover of the actual scene.

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  1. Hi Tom, what is your opinion of the 1.4X and 2X teleconverters?