Sunday, March 20, 2016

Acros film simulation with the Fuji X-Pro2

Acros is a very fine-grained black and white film known for its rich, creamy tones, It now comes as an addition to the film simulation pack in the new X-Pro2. Acros, Fuji's latest film simulation is only available in the X-Pro2, and will not be available as a firmware upgrade to the rest of the current X camera line. This is due to the improvements in the new X-Trans CMOS III sensor and X-Processor Pro engine in the X-Pro2.

The first thing I noticed about Acros images is the very smooth transitions between tones making it perfect for landscapes, portraits, commercial still life, or any use requiring an extended, detailed capture. From the base setting the results can be punched up by adding extra shadow density and opening the highlights, all with little loss in detail in those areas.

In the sample below the top image starts with the base Acros setting. Switching to the red filter Acros setting darkens the blue sky and lightens the warm-toned building, For the bottom image I wanted more density in the sky so I boosted the shadows to an extreme +4 setting for the bottom image. This still holds details everywhere while providing much more contrast.

In this sample the top photo was done in straight Acros film mode. The middle photo was Acros plus red filter, The bottom photo was Acros plus red filter and +4 shadows.

Acros is a very fine grained film, and the simulation version on the X-Pro2 brings out exceptional subject detail. The film has a wide latitude and in the samples below there are no blown highlights or completely blocked up shadows. This is a black and white mode suitable for large, monochromatic prints that really do look like they have been shot on film.

If you enjoy shooting black and white film, especially on rangefinder type cameras, you're going to appreciate the experience of using the Acros mode on the X-Pro2. The experience is more than just converting a color image to black and white. It really provides the experience and characteristics of a specific film, and puts the fun back into shooting black and white on a digital camera.

Straight out of the camera Acros jpg. Amazing because the background was completely blasted out and still retains some tonality. 



  1. Really hoping this gets added to my X100T via firmware.

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  3. Beautiful shots Tom. I particularly like the red +4 shadow. What does that do to portraits in terms of skin tones? Must get one of these cameras!

  4. Hi Tom. Found your site late but am in Hanoi with my FujiFilm X100F and just starting to play with your settings in the French Quarter area. Really interesting to shoot like you did and compare standard Acros, Acros+R with no shadow, and then +2 and +4 shadow. I am going to try the standard Acros with the same shadow changes tomorrow walking the streets again. Much appreciate you posting and giving me a new direction to play and learn.

  5. Would love to see you shots of Hanoi, Michael.