Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Metropolis series continues to grow

This past week I took some time to work on two multi-exposure images for my Metropolis series.

The first one is entitled "Metropolis - Feininger redux" because it reminded me of the compositions of the painter Lyonnel Feininger, particularly in his 1920's work while he was in Germany working at the Bauhaus. It consists of four main over-lapping images of the city. Feninger continued his painting and photography when he returned to New York after the Nazis closed down the Bauhaus.

The second image, called "Metropolis - Day into night", is also an assemblage comprised of four images.  The images were taken around sundown in the winter time when all the building windows are brightly lit around sunset creating a cacophony of pulsating color.

My favorite period of music is 1920's and 30's jazz. I have been trying to capture that spirit of the jazz age in the Metropolis series of photos.

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