Sunday, December 27, 2015

Time lapse water photo with the Fuji X-T1

I found another stream in the woods near our cabin. This one had more small falls built into it. I was able to locate the tripod right in the stream to take a 30 second exposure that would blur the water. It was drizzling slightly, just enough to wet the ground and help saturate the late autumn colors.

My Fuji 18-135mm zoom lens was set to around 19mm and f/8 with an ISO of 400. Slowing the shutter down to 30 seconds took a 400x ND filter mounted on the lens. Instead of a cable release, I set the self-timer to a 2-second delay instead of using a cable release.

I tend to prefer the intimacy and simplicity of these Eastern woodland, fast-moving streams over larger and more dramatic cascading waterfalls.

This was the setup with my camera in the stream for the time lapse series I did of the moving water. The camera gives a sense of the small size of the stream and falls. 

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