Friday, November 20, 2015

Nature Impressions

This past week I launched my new art website at  (My commercial site is still available at, but it, too, will soon be revamped.) One portfolio on the site that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine is Nature Impressions. Over the past few weeks I have been going back to some of my older work and creating some new images specifically for this portfolio.

The title for the portfolio comes directly from Impression Sunrise, Monet's painting for which the Impressionists painters were derisively named. I have been re-working my images by decreasing the amount of detail in an effort to present more of a recollected impression of the experience than a literal representation of the scene.

Below are some of the latest results.

Winter pines and snow, CT, 2008

Caribbean sunset, 2013

Autumn forest, 2015

Foggy morning on the Hudson,NY, 2013

Water stones, Pennsylvania, 2015

Shadow on the dunes, Death Valley, 2009

Ocean sunset, Jamaica, 2013

Calm seas in fading light, 2013

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