Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fujifilm releases new “Classic Chrome” Film Simulation mode

Fuji has released its latest addition to the film simulations of the X-cameras. It is called Classic Chrome and is supposed to deliver the tonal depth required in documentary and street photography. The Classic Chrome simulation will make its debut in the new Fuji X30 camera.

According to the Fujifilm announcement:

"In order to simulate the deep finish from a color reversal film printed on Deep Matte paper, Fujifilm developed a new algorithm that incorporates soft gradation, rich details in shadows and full-bodied tones to avoid saturated blues, greens and reds. Classic Chrome perfectly complements the story-telling functionality of Fujifilm cameras and will be phased in to models starting with the X30."

Here is a sample from the Fujifilm press release:

I expect it is only a matter of time before Classic Chrome finds its way to the rest of the Fuji X-camera lineup via a firmware update.

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