Thursday, June 19, 2014

Always prepared with a Fuji X-series camera

 I pretty much never go anywhere without a camera in case I happen upon something I want to photograph. More often than not, I use the camera to capture spontaneous moments I hadn't anticipated, and each time I do I feel vindicated for having carted the equipment with me.

Fortunately today, with the down-sizing of high quality mirrorless cameras, having one with me is no longer a burden. At the very least I have a Sony RX100 tucked in a pocket, but more than likely it will be a Fuji X-camera and usually the X-T1 with a 18-55mm lens attached. This might change after I try out the recently announced 18-135mm zoom, but for now the Fuji short zoom does the job.

While crossing 42nd Street on my way to an appointment in mid-town Manhattan the scenes below grabbed my attention.  After waiting for the traffic light to change I went to the middle of the street and captured both images for my platinum portfolio on New York. It helps that I usually keep my Fuji camera set to square crop mode and black and white.


  1. Tom, nice images. What's the largest you've printed these squares? I'm going to either get a df or an XT-1 obviously the XT-1 is half the cost but seeing your images make me think there probably close. My main reason for this is I'm looking for a second option to a D800.

  2. Brian, I shoot the squares for my platinum print series, which is 12" square, but have had no trouble making 16x24" prints from Fuji-X files.

  3. Thanks Tom,
    Love seeing you your photographs of NYC. Its nice record of the city as it is today.