Friday, April 18, 2014

Composition -- Seeing red

The expression "seeing red" has connotations of heightened anger. Red is the color of blood. Red means danger. Red combined with black and white is the most powerful, attention-getting color combination in advertising graphics -- Lucky Strike, TWA, Stop sign. Red means fiery passion. Fire is red. Hot peppers are red. Red means hot.

When composing with a dominant color palette, it is important to be aware of the meanings certain colors have in a specific culture. Color is one of the visual language tools photographers can draw upon to give their images immediate impact and meaning.

Red with black and white and a bright light on top -- no one is going to miss seeing this light house.

Red is the color of passion.

Raymond Lowey's  1940's Lucky Strike design with the red-black-white color scheme. He also used the same powerful color scheme for TWA, Coca-Cola, and Exxon. 

Red means "Stop!"

There is never any trouble finding a red telephone booth in London. 

It was no accident this belly dancer chose the color red for her dress.

Red is the color of "Emergency"

Even though it is used sparingly in this composition, red draws immediate attention to itself.

There is a good reason automobile taillights are red -- so you cannot miss them from behind.

When used next to blue or green, red produces a vibrant color contrast.

Red harmonizes with yellow and orange. 

Mother Nature paints things red so animals will notice them and take action..

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