Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First wireless shoot with the Fuji X-T1

We were doing a lifestyle photo shoot in our studios today and one shot called for a plumber underneath a sink. To save time, we decided to use the actual kitchen sink in our studio, despite the fact that it presented us with close quarter. I have been wanting to try out the wi-fi phone controls of the Fuji X-T1 and this seemed like a perfect opportunity.

I setup the X-T1 camera with the Fuji 14mm lens and put it right on the cabinet floor underneath the sink. The camera wi-fi connected immediately with my Android phone and gave me total control over the X-T1. I was able to change the ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and focus points with ease.  I took several exposures from the phone and called it a wrap. This is definitely the best remote wi-fi system I have used to date.

There was no way I could have taken this angle for my shot without wi-fi control of the camera. I was even able to move the focus points right over the model's eyes. 
This is the camera control view I had with my smart phone using the Fuji Remote APP. I could change shutter speed, aperture, ISO, EV compensation from the phone. The focus point is selected by tapping on the screen in the location you want it to be. Pretty nifty.
You have to remember to preset your camera with some basic settings before connecting with the remote APP. Once connected, no controls on the camera function. Everything must be done from the APP.  If you are planning to use Manual, Aperture Priority, or any other taking mode, the camera needs to be set for it prior to making the wi-fi connection. You can then access from the APP  whatever controls are normally available for the mode you are using.

This shows the cramped working quarters. The camera was jammed into the corner and pointed up. Obviously, no room for me to be in there with it and no way to see the LCD. I took the actual picture using my mobile phone from another location in the room.

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