Sunday, December 29, 2013

Polaroid transfers with a Photoshop assist

One of the books I am compiling is of images I take of hearts I find in my travels. The images seem to look best in a small format and I began toying with the idea of doing them as Polaroid transfers, where the actual image size would be around 3 x 4". I also thought the Polaroid transfer process might give the images more of a nostalgic and primitive feeling.  Today I made some transfers of a few of the images to see how they would look.

I used a Daylab CopySystem Pro to transfer the digital prints onto Fuji XP-100C instant film. The prints were pre-prepped in Photoshop to compensate for the color shift and lost of contrast inherent in this system of copying. The negative from the Fuji print was lifted prematurely and its latent image transferred onto 140lb Arches Aquarelle Hot Pressed Watercolour paper.

 Several samples are posted below.

Autumn leaf hearts at sunset, North Carolina, 2012

Red heart painted on fishing boat, Riviera Maya, Mexico, 2012

Hearts and locks on the Brooklyn Bridge, New York, 2013

Heart graffiti on Marie Laveau tomb, New Orleans, 2013

Iron window guard hearts, New York, 2012

Heart and arrow on sidewalk, New York, 2013

Ivy hearts, New York, 2007

Red heart with lock, New York, 2012

Bicycle fender heart, New Orleans, 2013


  1. Good stuff! Also, for anyone looking to use Photoshop to turn photos into polaroids (polaroid frame around photo), check out this quick Photoshop Action: Polaroid Photoshop Action

  2. Thanks for the action tip, Chari. I tried it out and it looks great. - t