Sunday, June 23, 2013

New beginnings

The birth of a child has become a multi-media event today with the first images immediately splashed over the internet on Facebook, Instagram, blogs and Youtube. Here are some photos I did over the past few days in the hospital, where I captured the birth of a baby girl. To record the event I used a multitude of cameras, including a cellphone, Sony RX100, Fuji X-Pro1, and the granddaddy of them all, a Nikon D800. Everything was shot with a softly filtered window light and an ISO ranging from 640-1600.

One of my favorite shots is this one of the back of an RX100 displaying an image of the first minutes of the baby's life. I converted the photo to black and white but kept the display image in color. The exact time and date of the original photo are part of the display and help record the baby's birth moment for posterity.

As the German architect, Ludwig Meis Van der Rohe once said: "God is in the details".

Good things come in small packages.

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