Friday, November 30, 2012

My Sony RX100 just returned from being repaired after a damaging fall onto a New York sidewalk.  I wasted no time putting it back to use.  Not having it for a few weeks really let me know how much I relied on it for those spur of the moment occasions when you just happen upon something.  Here are a couple of photos I grabbed since it's been back.

This is the emergency stairwell in my building.  I had to climb the 12 flights of stairs during the hurricane blackout.  Now I do it regularly as part of my exercise routine.

The Empire State Building was lit in red last night.  I gave the scene more of a Christmas look by changing the sky color to green.
I keep this camera set to record black & white JPG in addition to RAW files.  This displays a monochrome image on the rear viewing screen.  I find it easier to compose images this way because it isolates form from color.  Sometimes I prefer the monochrome version.  When this happens I still prefer to use the RAW image and convert it to monochrome.

Christmas wreaths were hung up for sale at the farmers market.  I photographed this one back lit with a mid-day sun.

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